A little over a year this time…

It’s like this thing is a time capsule, which I unearth annually or so, stuff another entry in, and then bury. I’d really LIKE to post more to it… there are times when I’m just dying to write things, especially with all the stupidity going on in the world currently, but I haven’t been. Maybe now that I’ve gotten back into this, I’ll start updating again. I’m going to add this to my favorites page, and see if it gets me here more often.


Been JUST a little bit…

So, the whole blogging thing kinda went down the tubes…

Right about the beginning of August 2009, I got laid off (after taking a week’s vacation and blowing a lot of money, called Sunday to be told ‘don’t come in Monday’… thanks, guys), and the whole internet thing went by the wayside for a while. Just got a new job (MUCH better, writing SQL code all day is very cool. Call me a geek, but I love it), so hopefully I’ll get back in the swing of things.


Going to try to focus on two different things today: programming, and writing. I’ve got Thruspace open, and I’m going to try to get (at least) a page of that done, and I’m going to try to get through Chapter 2 of one of my multiple C# books done.

I’m finding that learning a programming language is a lot like writing… you have to do them both pretty regularly or they go stale on you. Programming is also a lot like writing in that fact that it’s, well, writing. Sure, I’m writing code and not stories, but it’s all the same. Kinda. It’s all coming up with ideas, and then putting them down in a language, on a medium, so that someone or something else can process them. They both stem from creativity.

They always say “Do what you love”, as far as a job goes, and I’ve always wanted to write, so maybe I’m homing in on something here. Of course, what I really like to do is think, but until someone will pay me to just sit all day and think things, I can’t do that.

If someone reading this (like Bill gates or someone) wants to pay me to think for them, I’m happy to sign over everything I think up while in employ over to you. You can have books, movies, inventions, forms of government, biomedical breakthroughs… you can have it all. If you want to focus me in on something, you just provide me with research material, and I’ll go at it. Guaranteed results!

Anyway, off to C# and Thruspace!


Hi to everyone coming over from my other blog!


OK, ok, I know there’s not exactly teams of people stampeding my virtual door, but when my Dad mentioned that he had found my OTHER blog, the one I don’t post to any more, I realized that I should redirect people over to this one, so they can continue reading my stuff, if they are so inclined. I also changed over the link from my website, to make sure.

Had a talk with Kathy this morning, and went over a big insight of mine that I had… that she pointed out I had previously had about 6 months ago. So, I guess that makes it a kind of “recycled” insight. At least I’m helping the environment…

Anyway, I realized that sometimes I want to write, but not Thruspace. I desperately don’t want to let Thruspace fall through the cracks like State of Mind did, but, at the same time, I don’t want to either stifle my creativity by slogging through writing Thruspace that day just to get something done, or, worse, not write ANYTHING and get out of the habit. So… I’m not going to worry about it. I’m going to write, each and every day, but it’s not going to necessarily be Thruspace.

I think I’m going to try some short stories. Come up with an idea and just blow through it quick. It’ll be nice to actually have a completed project, instead of all these half-formed things lumping around in the basement… See? that gave me a story idea. Not necessarily a FULL story, or even a short story necessarily, but kind of a “middle”.

That’s what I’ll do. I’ll make “Middles” Like Monty Python sketches… they never used to bother with beginnings, or endings, they just did the funny middle parts, and moved on to the next idea. That’s what I’ll do. If I’m not working on a short story, or a novel, I’ll do a middle of some idea that randomly hit me, and flex my writing muscles that way. No worries, or stress, just writing whatever. A Middle.

I think I’ll do one now…

*Edit* – Finished one, called The Dungeon. I like it. Kathy had a brilliant idea (as she often does). These aren’t middles, they’re swatches. Webster’s defines “swatch” thusly:

swatch (swch) n.

1. A sample strip cut from a piece of material.

2. A representative portion; a sample

I couldn’t agree more. So, swatches they are.

Slowly getting better

Well, we finally moved all my mother-in-law’s big furniture stuff we had to, and filled the oil tank, and got the van back from the shop, so it seems like things are slowing down a bit, which is nice. I’m hoping that things will level out a bit going forward.

My wife totally put my sister-in-law in place, pretty much telling her that she was overbearing and needed to back off. We still ended up moving her stuff for her, but the fact that she got the smackdown helped. Yay for wife!

I’m strangely looking forward to doing some yard work. Maybe it’s a hope for spring, but I’m really dying to chop thorn bushes down and re-hang a broken door on our shed and such. I think it may be an “order from chaos” thing that I do when I’m stressed.

The kids were dying to play D&D this evening, but I was way too burned out to play. I like to give them a good time when they play, and I just wasn’t up to it this evening. Hopefully we can play tomorrow (and finish my son’s project on Robert E Lee, and go to the movies… thing I try to do too many things?)

I’ll post again tomorrow… maybe someday I can get to the stage where I can do some story posting, maybe I serial short story or such. Like I always say, we’ll see…

NOT a good way to start the New Year…

I’d like to say up front that I’m not exactly pleased with 2009 so far, and, if it keeps it up, I may end up returning it to the store and use the money to reserve 2010.

  • The car’s in the shop getting brakes redone… again… for about the fourth time in the past 9 months, and the mechanic has NO idea why the brakes keep crapping out. NOT a confident statement. Again I’m thinking of taking someone back to the store.

Me: “Hi, I’ve got this 62 year-old mechanic I’d like to return, please.”

Cashier: “What’s wrong with him?”

Me: “He’s installed my brakes four times in 9 months and they still don’t work.”

Cashier: “That’s fine. I’m going to need a receipt, though.”

Mechanic: “Could you put me down? Can I go home?”

  • Our oil tank is empty. The house that we rent has the insulating properties of an ice-covered colander, so imagine my surprise when I go down yesterday morning to check the gauge and find out it’s pretty much on zero. I was afraid to tap it and have it drop to zero immediately, preferring to believe in Heisenberg’s Oil Level Uncertainty Principle, which states that, if you don’t tap the gauge, it may well be stuck, and you actually have tons of oil in the tank. I once kept a furnace burning for three months that way until my wife convinced me that we MUST be out of oil, at which time all the quantum oil evaporated. I’ve got a delivery scheduled for today, but it’s gonna be close.
  • We’re moving my mother-in-law this weekend. Normally that statement would be bad enough without any explanation, but wait, there’s more! We’re also moving some things for my wife’s sister, which, somehow, has earned us her undying wrath. We’re renting a U-Haul truck to move some of the things we’re storing at our house, and, while we had it, offered to move a few of the things her sister wanted as well. I’m guessing here, but I think the phrase “We’d like to help you move some things” sounds remarkably like “We’d like to kill you and do unspeakable things to your corpse” in Sisterspeak, because that’s the reaction we got. My answer to this dilemma would be to leave the sister standing next to her big pile of stuff as we drove away in our U-Haul, waving to quickly shrinking form in the rear-view mirror, but my wife seems less inclined to go that route. I’ll keep working on it.

There’s a few more personal things which I won’t spell out here in gory, graphic detail, but you get the picture. Maybe Monday will be better, starting the first full week of 2009. I can only hope.

What a day…

Posting even though I’m exhausted (so there!). Just spent about 12 hours moving my mother-in-law from her rented house to elderly housing, which is a move she desperately wanted (New England winters kick her ass)., but BOY, she did NOT want to move. I don’t know if she thought the moving fairies were going to come and pack everything up for her or what, but when we got there this morning to move her, NOTHING was packed. There were just piles of random things all over the place that we had to box up and move into the truck we rented (with her acting as Lord Overseer, demanding we tell her what we’re doing with each pile of old photographs, cough drops, and lipstick…).

Needless to say, an interesting time was had by all.

I’m posting, though, dammit, even though I’m tired and hurt. Not really hurt, but kinda hurt… took a boxspring to the ear, of all things. Ripped me open a little bit, and my ear is kinda purple. When it happened I thought I had ripped the damn thing right off my head. I’m gonna end up looking like an MMA fighter if I keep this up.

See you tomorrow, kids!