It’s 2013, time for another post apparently…

So yeah… I even managed to miss the one year mark this time. Methinks updating blogs is NOT my strong suit. If it’s not in my face, I get distracted by life and whatnot, and then literally a year has gone by. If I actually stop and think about it, it’s depressing, because I don’t feel like “oh WOW, a WHOLE YEAR has gone by!” It’s more like “It’s been a YEAR?? It feels like a couple of months, tops.” Apparently my modulation of the chronophagic trancendental infindibulator has done nothing but increase temporal entropy, and what’s worse is, I’m still inside the time stream. If I don’t find a way to de-couple my tachyons from this modulated relativity, I may start actually aging. So far I’ve been able to throw off the humans by keeping this form visually in sync with the local flow of time, but eventually it’s going to start impeding me, and then, if I revert the form, the questions are going to start. The last thing I want is a replay (forgive the pun) of M82!3. I can’t believe they still blame me for that, that was not my fault! They were a perfectly rational species, they should have heeded my warnings. If they ever manage to start flowing forward through time again, they’ll be more careful, I’m sure.


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