Going to try to focus on two different things today: programming, and writing. I’ve got Thruspace open, and I’m going to try to get (at least) a page of that done, and I’m going to try to get through Chapter 2 of one of my multiple C# books done.

I’m finding that learning a programming language is a lot like writing… you have to do them both pretty regularly or they go stale on you. Programming is also a lot like writing in that fact that it’s, well, writing. Sure, I’m writing code and not stories, but it’s all the same. Kinda. It’s all coming up with ideas, and then putting them down in a language, on a medium, so that someone or something else can process them. They both stem from creativity.

They always say “Do what you love”, as far as a job goes, and I’ve always wanted to write, so maybe I’m homing in on something here. Of course, what I really like to do is think, but until someone will pay me to just sit all day and think things, I can’t do that.

If someone reading this (like Bill gates or someone) wants to pay me to think for them, I’m happy to sign over everything I think up while in employ over to you. You can have books, movies, inventions, forms of government, biomedical breakthroughs… you can have it all. If you want to focus me in on something, you just provide me with research material, and I’ll go at it. Guaranteed results!

Anyway, off to C# and Thruspace!


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