Weapons-grade stupidity

Sometimes I think my writing, especially in blogs, is a safety valve. I swear, if you put your ear up to my blog, you can hear the whistling of escaping steam. I wonder how many other people’s blogs are like that…

My boss is a dick. Just by the law of averages, there MUST be bosses out there who AREN’T dicks (when I was a boss, I wasn’t, and neither was my wife, so there’s two…), but so far I haven’t worked for one. What IS it with people in positions of power who feel that it’s just jim-dandy fine to let shit roll down hill onto those that work for them? Why would this EVER occur to someone as a good management technique? All it makes me want to do is turn off everything but my brain stem, and let it have at him… IT knows what to do to people like that, and it normally involves mopping, showering, and digging deep graves afterwards.

I’ve always wanted to write this book: there’s a prophesy that says that this guy is going to be the ultimate bad guy, and so all these “good” guys head out to kill him. Only problem is, this guy’s just an average Joe. Done nothing to no one, tried to live a decent life, and now all of a sudden they’re all out to get him. They fuck with him and fuck with him until finally he’s pushed to the ultimate limit, where he either let’s them kill him, or decides to stop them… and he realizes then that he CAN stop them. All those sanctimonious fucks that tried to destroy him and all he loves, he can destroy it all, burn it all to the fucking ground, and they DESERVE it. And he does. He kills them all, laughing, and burns their cities, and their “civilization”, all of it, enjoying each and every second of it.

And thus the prophesy is fulfilled.

I seriously wonder, if given the opportunity, would I burn it all to the ground? Probably not, because I’m still a nice guy, but the “good” guys keep trying, so maybe one day…


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