Slowly getting better

Well, we finally moved all my mother-in-law’s big furniture stuff we had to, and filled the oil tank, and got the van back from the shop, so it seems like things are slowing down a bit, which is nice. I’m hoping that things will level out a bit going forward.

My wife totally put my sister-in-law in place, pretty much telling her that she was overbearing and needed to back off. We still ended up moving her stuff for her, but the fact that she got the smackdown helped. Yay for wife!

I’m strangely looking forward to doing some yard work. Maybe it’s a hope for spring, but I’m really dying to chop thorn bushes down and re-hang a broken door on our shed and such. I think it may be an “order from chaos” thing that I do when I’m stressed.

The kids were dying to play D&D this evening, but I was way too burned out to play. I like to give them a good time when they play, and I just wasn’t up to it this evening. Hopefully we can play tomorrow (and finish my son’s project on Robert E Lee, and go to the movies… thing I try to do too many things?)

I’ll post again tomorrow… maybe someday I can get to the stage where I can do some story posting, maybe I serial short story or such. Like I always say, we’ll see…


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