What a day…

Posting even though I’m exhausted (so there!). Just spent about 12 hours moving my mother-in-law from her rented house to elderly housing, which is a move she desperately wanted (New England winters kick her ass)., but BOY, she did NOT want to move. I don’t know if she thought the moving fairies were going to come and pack everything up for her or what, but when we got there this morning to move her, NOTHING was packed. There were just piles of random things all over the place that we had to box up and move into the truck we rented (with her acting as Lord Overseer, demanding we tell her what we’re doing with each pile of old photographs, cough drops, and lipstick…).

Needless to say, an interesting time was had by all.

I’m posting, though, dammit, even though I’m tired and hurt. Not really hurt, but kinda hurt… took a boxspring to the ear, of all things. Ripped me open a little bit, and my ear is kinda purple. When it happened I thought I had ripped the damn thing right off my head. I’m gonna end up looking like an MMA fighter if I keep this up.

See you tomorrow, kids!


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